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Cridler specialises in two forms of partnership , as a subcontractor or as part of an IT Alliance. Please see below for more information on our two prefered ways of working.


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Cridler is happy to work with and supply resource to an alternative SAP Consultancy to enable them to manage their utilisation effectively and reduce the size of their benches. We have successfully subcontracted for Xansa, Logica & Novasoft.

Please contact us for our availability

IT Alliance

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Are you looking to implement SAP or set up an internal SAP Support Service?

Cridler is looking for a Partner to set up an IT Alliance.

An Alliance has major benefits over the standard Customer-Client relationship including establishing an IT Consulting Revenue Stream for yourselves. It also helps with achieving deadlines and perfecting the solution.

Please call to enquire about how an IT Alliance could benefit yourselves and to find out why it is the new way forward to Implement and Support SAP.

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