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Cridler - Who's Who?

Currently CRIDLER is run by an SAP expert, Chris Ridler (View CV). Cridler are looking to grow - aiming to jump from a six to a seven figure turnover and to continue doubling the number of employees each year.

If you are looking for a risk reward salary and are an SAP Management Consultant (only the best will do) in SAP, please contact us.

photo of chris ridlerDirector - Chris Ridler

The Director of CRIDLER Ltd is Chris who has worked on many project lifecycles and has 6 years of SAP experience, specialising in Finance , Integration , POS and SAP Security (Authorisations)

View CV Availability: Late 2011

photo of catherone mortimerCompany Secretary - Catherine Mortimer

Catherine looks after all of the Cridler Administration she is in charge of our Head Office.

For more information: click here to contact Cridler.com

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